What is your biggest financial struggle?

buried-in-debtThis week I had a bit of financial miss step. Ok, I will admit it is something I kind of expected but didn’t realize how out of hand I had gotten. Christmas bills finally came in. It was like a financial snowmeggedon. To say I overspent doesn’t cover how deeply I buried myself. To dig out I had to dip into my hidden savings account that I said I would never touch unless extreame emergency.

This is just a reminder of what happens when we lose sight of our goals. Holiday busyness and financial laziness made me lose sight of my goals. I just stopped paying attention. So here I am in the first month of the year dealing with the fact that overspending and inattention to my budget are still a struggle for me.

What financial issues are you struggling with? Are you having a hard time pulling yourself out of massive credit card debt? Is it the college loan that won’t go away? Are you a spend-aholic and can’t seem to stop buying? There are many struggles we face financially and each one carries with it an emotional toll.  What is your biggest financial struggle? It is my hope to use the results of this poll to craft posts dealing with these issues.


5 thoughts on “What is your biggest financial struggle?

  1. With us, we are a strict budget, and while I do hate to blame something else, I have bipolar and when I am manic I tend to do stupid stuff and then spend so while it is overspending I do know the reason and normally when I am manic I don’t care

    1. I know the feeling sometimes you just don’t care then it catches up to you later. At least you have identified the behavior so you can work towards managing it. Most of us are not as honest with ourselves. I commend you for that

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