Who The Heck Are You and What Is An Enneagram?

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Once you know who you are you are closer

to discovering your purpose

Have you ever taken a personality test? I use to think they we’re pretty much bunk. They never really fit me, they seemed to miss the mark. The Myers Brigg test came close but it still felt kind of nebulous and out there. Then I took the Enneagram test. Nailed it!!! I mean nailed it in a jaw to the floor kind of way.

There is a full test which you can take for a fee as well as a sampler test which is less involved but free. Me being the fiscally responsible person (insert cheapskate) I am, I choose the free version.

After answering the questions it scores you in 9 different personality types. As I read into the type I scored the highest in it not only reveled things I knew about myself it also stated plan as day some of the not so great things about how I react to stress, and what happens to me if I have a rough day or think in an unhealthy way.

It was so on point I actually felt like someone had been following me around watching me and knew that I had a sugar addiction, and get defensive and aggressive when I am stressed. The thing that made the Enneagram different was that it not only told you your character strengths it also when into detail about the weaknesses in your personality type. When you are stressed or in a period or learning and growth you take on the traits of other types as well.

There are also these things called wings, which are essentially the personally types next to yours. These can effect the way your personality is expressed.

I mean I knew I did these things but never really understood why.  Here it was written out so clearly, plain as day. This was me with all my triumphs and flaws exactly as I am. It actually made me feel normal to know I was a type and there were other types like me that behaved and acted the same way.knowthyself quote

The test also tells you tips for your type. Like what to look out for, things you typically do that may be harmful to yourself, and things you should be proud of and celebrate about your type.

For a free sample it went into great detail and really told me so much about myself. I can only imagine what the paid for test would review. It would probably tell me what I eat for dinner last night and why.

But seriously, it was really eye opening to learn all this about myself and accept that there are somethings that are just inherently my personality type. We are all different but the same in this way.

It was comforting to know that each type really has strengths and weaknesses and that together we all fill in each others blank spots.

If you are interested in taking the test or learning more about the Enneagram you can click here for the sample test I took. To learn more about the personality types you can click here.

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