What a Mom Really wants on Valentines Day

10 things moms want for Valentines Day heartI have seen others address that this is a greeting card holidays and I kind of agree. St Valentine was a Roman catholic priest who secretly marrying couples in defiance of the Roman Emperor. He was discovered and beheaded in February 14. So yes we are celebrating a beheading. Well, not so much. St. Valentines has become a day to celebrate Love.

It started off as a celebration of romantic love but has morphed, through clever makerting into a celebration of all things hearts and candy.  School age children now create Valentine’s Day boxes to collect all the heart-shaped goodies and friendship notes from classmates. So it has become a celebration of “Love” with a capital L, in a family friendly way. So Dad’s (pay attention here!) instead of purchasing chocolates and jewelry here are a few ideas of things a Mom REALLY wants for Valentines day.

1) To have someone else do the laundry and put it away
2) To have a home cooked meal… cooked by someone else
3) A sweetly packed lunch for work with a hand written love note.
4) Amazon gift cards for all the online shopping without the guilt
5) Quiet time by herself that does not require hiding in the bathroom.
6) The chance to take a nap. (We would all kill for this!)
7) A paid maid service for a day
8) Family members to pick up after themselves without having to be asked to do it
9) Cleaning out mom’s car of all the toys, papers and miscellaneous things left there by family members, that she lacks the time to remove.

10) Spending quality time as family doing something she wants and had probably asked for before.

You would be surprised how simple and small these things could be. Sometimes it is just to go for a walk, do a family craft together, or just watch her favorite movie. But it can mean a lot to an overstressed mom and would go a long way to showing her how much you “Love” her.

7 thoughts on “What a Mom Really wants on Valentines Day

  1. Hi Melissa,

    My wife always telling Im a good hubby.

    I can honestly said she gets all of these regularly from me with the exception of Amazon gift card and packed lunch with a hand written note.

    I appreciate the ideas but does the note really have to be hand written? 😀

    I was over at Mosty Blogging and came across your post. I will be back soon and often.

    You about to get me some more cool points!


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