Water with a side of water

Tips on how to increase your water intakeAre you thirsty?

I know am I really writing a post about the benefits of drinking water? This topic has been done to death and water is not even a food. While all that is true, I am still going to talk about how to put more focus on this fluid and why it is not as easy to get enough water as all the diet experts make it out to be.

Oh just drink more water they say, well if you are a busy, on-the-go person sometimes you just forget. By the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Water is simple and pretty abundant in our country (for which we need to stop of a moment and recognize how lucky we are for that.) However, there are many reasons we just don’t drink enough water.

  1. Forget to carry a water bottle
  2. Think that sodas, ice teas and coffee count towards our water intake.
  3. Don’t like the taste
  4. Having to pee all the time is inconvenient
  5. We don’t make it a priority

While these are all valid reasons, it is so important to get into a water consumption routine that works for you. I have tried several with sometimes disastrous results. During my first pregnancy I was thirsty all the time. At that time I easily met my daily water requirements. After my pregnancy I stared to notice some amazing health benefits such as clear glowing skin, better mental clarity, and a greater feeling of fullness that I attribute to my up’ed water intake.

Mad dash to the Bathroom

In an attempt to keep drinking enough water I came up with the hair-brained idea of trying to consume an entire liter of water during my drive into work. This often resulted in a mad rush to the bathroom the moment I dropped my child off at daycare.

The worst was when I couldn’t get there in time and had to stop at a local fast food restaurant to use the bathroom. Every try to pee while holding an infant and keeping a3-year-old from touching anything on the bathroom floor? Not fun. Needless to say that was not the best plan to keep up with my water consumption.

These days I opt for getting water from other sources in addition to the water bottle. Here are 5 strategies I have employed to get enough H2O in my day.

  1. Double the water in my morning smoothie.
  2. Always have a water bottle nearby. (I now carry one in my purse.)
  3. Consume foods with high water content like melons, or soups.
  4. Have a glass with every meal
  5. Over time replace other beverages with water
  6. Or write a post about drinking water

If you dislike the taste of water there are several options that could add a little flavor without a lot of chemicals or sugar. Here are a few options I found interesting.watermelon-detox

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You can also purchase flavored water like Hint using the link below.

By using the link below I do make a small commission that helps support this blog.

Hint Water

4 thoughts on “Water with a side of water

  1. I also need to remind myself to drink enough from time to time. When I was in high school, I sometimes used to drink only 500ml a day! But after breaking down two times because I didn’t drink enough (with dizziness, throwing up and almost fainting), I decided that this needed to change and now I drink about 1,5 liters a day.

    And I hate those dashes to the bathroom 😀 But it’s better than the alternative of not drinking enough.

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