United In Disagreement


Today is President’s Day for those of you in the United States. Right now we are in the beginning of a heated battle to decide who our next leader will be. Will it be Trump? Will it be Clinton? Will it be Cruz? Will it be Sanders? Battle lines are being drawn and already people are picking sides.

During this time emotions run high. The name calling, conspiracy theory’s and bi-partisan anger have already begun and we haven’t even picked our nominees yet. Now, far be it from me to expect everyone to come together and sing kumbaya when so much is on the line in selecting our next president.

This day however, I would like to focus in on the system we have created. This system that allows us to become such unruly political animals. The system that allows us to have a voice in selecting our leader. Not every country has that you see. Not everywhere can you speak your mind about a leader and live to tell about it.war-president-1483012

Our political system has been created in such a way that we can not only can disagree with eachother, we can also appreciate that we can disagree. Since George Washington to Barack Obama our presendants have been slected by us and entrusted with forming our, country, our leadership and our way of life. This process helps us all to learn what we stand for. It helps us determine our values as individuals.

These disagreements about political ideology help to shape the country we live in. There was a time when our country disagree about slave ownership. There was a time we disagreed about who we should be paying taxes to. There time ( not to long ago) we disagreed with the definition of marriage. Each side had strong views one way or the other, but it is important to recognize each view helped to shape our choice of who we selected as president. The ability to have political discourse and disagree helped to make us to become the country we are.

So with the coming of the next presidential election. Don’t become angered when someone disagreed with your choice of candidate. Realize that this process of agreement and disagreement is what makes this country what it is… unique, special and united.

Your thoughts???