TV’s, Travel Drama, and Tropical Storms


Travel with Kids just got easier, they have Teen Titans GO!

Since I have was a last in a plane there has been a revolutionary advance. There are TV’S in the headrests. It is awesome! One of my big travel fears was flying with kids. How would they handle a new environment and how I would manage their behavior should things go horribly wrong?  However, my travel worries we’re al for nothing. My kids watched 3 hours of Teen Titians Go, supplemented by a few Kindle games and it was not only tantrum free, it was actually pleasant. I had the most relaxing transportation experience I can remember.

After a brief problem here at home. The rest of out travel went very smoothly. The problem at home, you ask? Well, my Mother’s key was not working and she could not get into my house to feed my dogs. So there we we’re in a Canadian Ruby Tuesdays while I called Pop-A-Lock internationally to open our front door. After much longer distance screaming and yelling everything turned out ok. You have to figure at least one thing has to go wrong every trip. Usually it’s something forgotten or left behind or one dramatic episode. Frankly, I was happy we got it over with in the beginning.

They Falls…Amazing

Once we got in we headed straight over to Canada to see the Falls.

They were amazing (I’m saying that a lot) it was a bit rainy because of a Tropical Storm and jet stream hitting the northeast. Some reports say there might have been flash flooding, so we wanted to make sure we saw Niagara Falls first thing. I’m so glad we did. Even with the rain we had a great time.

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