To the Moon on Mother’s Day


Went to the South Florida Science Center for Mother’s Day. It sounded like a lot of fun and thought it could be educational for us all. I know it’s kind of strange way to spend Mother’s day, but I have to take the opportunity to do these things when I can. This outing actually came from a recommendation of my daughter. She went there on a Spring Break Camp field trip and could not stop asking about mummies .winter 2015 270

It was all in all pretty interesting and pretty “sciencey”. The thing that was really cool was the planetarium. We watched a presentation about the moon landing and the efforts made to return to there. There is currently a contest called the Google Lunar X Prize, to explore this concept and to my surprise one of the leading teams was from Penn State ( Where I went to college). Thought this was so fascinating. Really enjoyed the museum and the felt i learned something in the process.  For more information about the Center or the Lunar x Prize Penn State Team the links are below

Your thoughts???