Throwing crap away…so refreshing!

cleaning-clip-art-cleanOut with the old and in with the new. Today is clean up day in our house. Today I de-Christmas the house and bring it back to it’s  normal non-holiday appearance. No more bits of wrapping paper and tape on the floor. No more holiday knickknacks, no more red and green. I use to be sad about de-Christmasing but after a full holiday season sometimes it’s good to get back to routine.

This is also the beginning of my year long organization. When I say out with the old I’m not joking. I spent the morning going through my kids rooms and getting ride of old toys they don’t play with, broken bits of things and other miscellaneous junk. I also went through the closets and prepared all there old ill fitting clothing for donation. Now I can fit in the new toys and clothing that they got for Christmas. My house is small so this is a necessity. Plus it is so refreshing to see everything neatly hanging in the closet (at least for one day.)

It not just the kids room that get a good clean up. It’s back to healthy eating as I declutter the pantry of all the cookies, candy and chocolate I have been drawn to snacking on over these past few months. They have slowly eeked there way back into my diet.

Each time I used the excuse, “oh it’s the holidays I can allow myself a little. That little bit became more and more until my eating habits became atrocious and my body felt awful.  New year new you I say. So I’m cleaning up my eating all over again, starting with my pantry. Then I’m heading to the store for some healthy food prep for the week.closet-clutter-monster-1412702

There is a lot more to do to get organized. I plan on following a chapter a month in “One year to an Organized life” by Regina Leeds. I like the pace of the book and think I can actually follow through with it this year. I think today is a good jumping off point. Right now I am motivated and ready to get some clutter out of here.

So needless to say the garbage men will hate me come Monday, but my house, my mind and my body will be renewed, cleaned and refreshed to face the new year.


10 thoughts on “Throwing crap away…so refreshing!

  1. I’ve started decluttering and tidying everything away today too just need to find a home for all of son’s Lego, don’t think his bedroom floor is the right place (he disagrees) 🙂

    1. Yes my son has already destroyed all the organization I did this morning. But I got rid of 2 bags of old toys for donation and 2 bags of trash. Still feels pretty good

  2. We have been doing the same in our very cluttered flat, its feels very good to get rid of unwanted stuff! I’m also planning on writing more this year, good luck with your plans I hope they work out!

  3. Hi Melissa, It’s awesome that you are in decluttering mode. I’m sure it feels good. I go through this phase twice a year and I know how good it feels. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation for the book, I think it can help me when organizing my clients. Have a great day!

  4. Yep! I de-Christmas-ed my apartment this weekend as well. I spent about a twenty minutes gathering things to donate and filled THREE paper grocery bags. Granted, about 1 of those bags was nearly full with clothes someone passed on to me the day before but STILL. How was I able to fill 2 complete bags in less than 20 minutes? Sigh. I’m looking forward to a good declutter and cleanse of the house soon.

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