The Importance of a Bucket List


Bucket list, vision board, goal sheet, having a written list of goals and dreams creates a visual reminder of what we are working towards. Honestly, I didn’t realize this vital piece of information about myself was missing until I went on DreamBigDreamOften. Here Danny had created his own bucket list and posted it. Now we get to follow along as he works his way thru it.

After reading his post, I realized the importance of this process. A bucket list is a list of ultimate, lofty ideas of things we want to accomplish before we “kick the bucket.” Anything and everything can go on this list. Most of these are long term or even ideas we may think are unattainable. However, I funny thing happens once you write your bucket list. By putting these goals on paper it makes them real. Instead of just “pie in the sky” nebulous thoughts in your

They become something solid, writing them down makes then tangible, and even achievable. It solidifies that “life is short and you better get to work.” Because the truth is these goals are something you always had in the back of your mind that you want to achieve but either thru fear, or stagnation, let then linger there. Writing then down brings then forward, lets them see light and makes you want them more. If you didn’t you would never have written them down.

Once these words are out there they are no longer just dreams they are thoughts poised to become actions. So go write your bucket list. Watch as these feelings take hold and become actions, and thru these actions your dreams come true. Thanks again Danny for the inspiration.

Here’s my bucket list so far:

1) Live for a month in Europe

2) Trace my family history in Italy

3) Write a book

4) Start a business

5) Learn to be proficient in some form of Martial Arts

6) Become a Master Cake Artist

7) Be a Snowbird (have a summer and winter residence)

8) Stay at every Disney Resort once

9) Lose my five year old “baby weight”

10) Pay off House

7 thoughts on “The Importance of a Bucket List

  1. I agree. I think we if write them down and (remember to) look at them regularly, we will achieve many of the things that we only dreamed about before. I have recently decided to start a “vision” notebook of things I want to accomplish. Some big and/or hard, some out there. But hey – its my vision board or bucket list. Good luck with yours…its sounds like fun!

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