Tea and Cake Tuesday

tea and cake tuesday

I have some exciting news for Tea and Cake Tuesday. Debbie Bergman is here from Enjoy Tea with Me, an indepentant consultant with Steeped Tea . Each Tea and Cake Tuesday where I feature a newly made cake, she will suggest an imaginative, well-crafted tea selection to go with the cake theme. I am so excited to bring you her selections and learn about some new tea varieties. You can find her at My Steeped Tea Party.com/enjoyteawithme

As you can see the cake above is a Star Wars theme that I made for a friends son’s birthday party. I am really happy with how the BB-8 droid came out seeing as it was quite challenging for my skill level.

To go with the Star Wars theme Debbie selected two teas to represent the Dark and Light Side (Pretty creative huh?)

teaIron Goddess Oolong is a pure oolong tea, with great balanced taste.

dark teaDark Chocolate Chai – is a sweet mixture that would go good with cake. 😉




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