Summer, Sunshine, the Smell of Flowers and a Hammock

hammockHere is an update to my “Crappy Situation” post. I went with a locally owned company called Scoop De Doo and I am so overjoyed with the results. For the first time in about a year, I was able to comfortably sit in my backyard and not worry about stepping in a “landmine.”

We got out the hammock and enjoyed the past two evenings …outside. Instead of watching TV indoors. I can not say how happy I am about the decision to outsource. The amount of time and hassle it has saved me and the joy of more space has been wonderful.

Let me just add that another awesome bi-product of this experiment is that I have not turned the TV on all weekend. Yes, I’m sad to admit that I am one of those mom who will, on occasion, use Disney channel as a momentary babysitter so I can do the dishes, cook dinner and take a shower.

But my kids have been happily playing and reading during the day, in between our outings. At night we have been able to spend quality time outside, playing and laughing together. We are creating summer memories and if I had never done this I would never have had the time or want to be outside. I think outsourcing will become a weapon in my battle to find balance. And as always, it will have to be used in moderation.

(No one was compensated for this post I am just really happy with the service)

2 thoughts on “Summer, Sunshine, the Smell of Flowers and a Hammock

  1. WOW! You already know I’m much much older than you… my rejuvenatement period.
    So all I can say (well, I’ll say more, of course!) is where were companies like this 30+ years ago???? We had two large (and I mean large) German Shepherds in our fenced in yard during the younger years of our kids (just 20 months apart — the kids, not the dogs!). And then two standard poodles — and they were large too. We had a lovely cement slab patio, clothes line, one large tree, garden, and a huge tractor trailer sandbox for the kids….and lots and lots of poop!!!! Oh my — this would have been fabulous! I totally agree with you here — what a wise way to spend money! You’ll reap many many benefits from this, as you already are. I used to hate it when it rained as that just meant the stuff smooshed into the ground…we actually wore boots in our back yard because there was no way we could keep up with it all every day! GREAT post! …. and it brought a smile to my face remembering our back yard.

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