Stand Together or Fall Apart.

orlando strong stand togehter or fall apart

“Mommy why would someone shoot all those people?

This was the question my 5-year-old son asked me as we sat in Church last Sunday. He posed this question after the priest relayed the information about the devastating mass shooting that took place in Orlando, not far from where we live. All I could do was sit there and think, Why did that happen? Why would someone do this? All those people?

Starting at my little boys face, my eyes started to well up with tears. How in the world was I going to explain this to him? How was I going to explain the fear and sorrow created by this event? He is only 5. He doesn’t need to know this yet was what came to my mind.

For me, I didn’t know any of the people killed or injured. Did it change how I felt? Not in the least. I felt sorrow. I mourned them.

The night club that was targeted was a gay club but this more then just about the sexual orientation of the club occupants. They were most likely targets for what they represented. America. Freedom. Tolerance.  They were targeted for being themselves exactly as god made them.

See this was a crime against us all. The people that were killed were men, women, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, loved ones and friends. People are going to try and point to gun violence as the source. They will make it about the fact it was a gay club, they will say it is the fault or the policies of Democrats or Republican. The police or the club owners. They will spin it into something else.

But what it is a terrorist attack, like Tel Aviv, Paris, 911. An blatant attack against all of us, it is an attack on our way of life, an attack against the freedom to be who we are. Regardless of what party you are, who you will vote for and what you believe.

This was an attack on us all.

In the memory of those that were senselessly murdered. Please… do not let the media, or politics get in the way, don’t let them change the reality of what has happened. Try you best to value our way of life. Even if you disagree with the political leanings  of your neighbor, show respect for their differing views and remember in the end we are all one, we are all united.

As I sat there trying to hide my tears from my son. I kept thinking how will I explain acts of evil to my innocent 5-year-old son who should be shielded and protected from this. Why do we live in a society where these hateful acts are becoming commonplace?

He then asked the question. My beautiful sweet boys who could not comprehend the level of hatred and evil it took to commit these acts. He, and I for that matter, could not understand why someone would kill those people.  He put into the simplest but most accurate why he could. “Mommy is he a bad guy?”

Yes.. I answered, “He is a very bad guy.”

If we do not put aside our differences, then our own way of life will be lost. Stand together or we most definitely will fall apart.

A Gofundme page has been set up by Equality Florida to donate to the victims of the Orlando Shooting go to Pulse Victims Fund.

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