Soggy more Hill, I mean Sagamore Hill


Another rainy cold day on Long Island, but we made the best of it. The first place we planned on going was rained out and lost power. Our options were limited due to flooding so we decided on Sagamore Hill, Teddy Roosevelt summer home.


It was 48  degree and raining when we got there and still had to get lunch for the kids. The clerk in the gift shop said to drive down the road and there would be tons of places to eat. Well I guess by tons she ment 2. We finally found a deli and we’re all set to have a sandwich when my niece said she doesn’t like sandwiches. So pizza it was. Can’t have to much NY pizza.

After lunch we took a tour of Teddy Roosevelt house. I remembered going there as a kid so it was kind of funny to see it as an adult. The kids didn’t care for all the dead animal heads on the walls, and animal skin rugs on the floors, however.

In the evening we went to the Cajun restaurant down the block from my old home, called Big Daddys. The place had expanded and was booming, which was wonderful to see. The food was also as good as I remembered. Not sure what  we will do today. It all depends on the weather.

Your thoughts???