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free_social_media_icons_image_ubersocialmediaI have to write this post about a phenomena I have been experiencing over the last several weeks. When you start anything new there is a learning curve to it. There is a period of time that is exciting and scary. The uncertainty of your skills seems overwhelming one minute and exhilarating the next. I have been feeling this recently with the new adventures in blogging, Beachbody coaching and cake decorating. These have been so much fun and exciting to learn about, but they have also created a bit of anxiety and fear. Fear? Yes, it is the fear of not knowing what I am doing. It is also this same fear that makes the learning process so much fun.

Ok, let me back up a little. For a long time I was stagnant, not really moving forward. Only existing. I think this is kind of a numbness you fall into after having kids. Your days are busy, tiring and full of love and growth. But in caring for others, you often forget about you and your needs. Not only did I forget about my needs and forgot about myself pretty much entirely.

Then I had an awakening. This awakening was brought about by the words of a friend. Her words helped me to overcome my fear and start this blog. The words and teaching of another friend encouraged me to venture into the art of cake design. The encouragement of yet another friend helped me try the 21 day fix. These things have brought so much happiness and fulfillment into my life. But I would never have done any without the encouragement of these friends.

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So back to this phenomenon I have been talking about. Well, since I am progressing into the next stage of learning in these new ventures. I have felt a great amount of fear in my own abilities. To help me deal with this fear I have reached out to these communities through social media. I can not put into words the wonderful, unexpected and genuine support I have received. I mean most of these people know nothing about me. They have no reason to want to help or encourage me. To them, I am only a screen name and some pictures. Their kind words and encouragement have not only helped me move through my fears, it has also reminded me that there are good people in the world.

We often hear about how social media is disconnecting people, making them one-dimensional, shallow and vapid. I have experience just the opposite. I have felt goodness, kind heartedness and genuine caring. When I posted my fears on social media, I never expected such an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement. It was amazing how people took the time out of their day to say some kind words, sympathize and relay their story.  I am forever touched and grateful for the interaction of people such as Joyce with Toxic Sweet Shop, Jessica Winnett from Scope Mamas, my Beachbody up-line, Melissa Ely, Fit Theme Queen,  Kathleen with The Blogger’s Lifestyle.  I am really blessed to have come across these people.

So if you are feeling fear, trepidation and anxiety in starting a new venture. Reach out to those around you that have been there. In most cases, they have been there and can offer great information. You might find, as I have, that their encouragement is just what you needed to hear to move forward.

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