Sacrifice and Principles

sacrifice and principles that built the US

Sacrifice and Principles that define America.

On July 4th we in the U.S.A celebrate the independence of our country. Although, this holiday is unique to America, the themes of “the fourth,” are universal. Sacrifice and principles are two themes that standout and represent the meaning of this holiday to me.

These are two ideals that, I feel, represent this country. It was the sacrifice of many men and women during the revolutionary war that helped to form the United States.

These were men, black and white, like James Armistead.

Woman, young and old, like 16 year old, Sybil Ludington and Molly Ludwig.

They sacrificed their livelihood, status and, in many cases their life, to insure the freedoms of there countryman. This sense of sacrifice continues today by those serving in the armed forces and with law enforcement here at home. They preserve out right to these freedoms and maintain democratic order.

The second theme that built the US is Principle.

These democratic pioneers defined themselves by the deep principles of fairness, independence and freedom. It’s because of these principles that today we can pursue our own happiness, help our neighbors and live our lives based on our belief system, not one dictated by others.

We get caught up in what we don’t have and forget to appreciate all we do.flag

In America we are lucky enough to live in a place that, even if you are uncomfortable with the idea, a man can identify as a woman.

And even if you disagree with it, people of different colors or the same sex can marry each other.

Even if you don’t believe it, those around you can worship as they see fit without hindrance.

You have the right to agree or disagree with others and to express your support or outrage without persecution from government.  This is not a luxury afforded to everyone around the world. These things do not exist in other places. These rights, beliefs and principals formed America and these freedoms are what we celebrate. This July 4th, in between the moments of fireworks and BBQ’s, be thankful for the gift of freedom we have. We must not overlook them or take them for granted.

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