Revisiting New York: Covering The North South Divide:

New york revisited

Traveling Back in Time

The fall of 2015, I head back to my home territory in New York. First, we will start in upstate New York, then later in the week, we will head south through NYC and Long Island, where I grew up.

It’s kind of weird to revisit my life as it was almost 20 years ago. I Seeing as I have not been back for almost 10 years and the last trip was kind of sad.

This time around I want it to be a happy memory. The aim is to show my children where I grew up, where their grandparents came from and why people in NY talk funny. OK, maybe I can’t answer that much.

This is a venture the journey into what has made me…well me. That might mean confronting some difficult memories and reconciling the past. But fear, pain and discomfort has kept me from visiting and embracing my New York self.

It is time I accept all parts of myself, even the ones I have been running from. If I’m honest with myself, I have been running from change. Confronting the finality that my Dad is gone and no longer from New York. No longer am I the 20 something college kid I was when last lived In NY. But change can be good. If you embrace it.

photo by Adam Ciesielski
photo by Adam Ciesielski

On a happier note, You are coming with me. Yes, you reader are going with me to see the sites of New York.

Upstate, where the leaves are starting to change. New York City, with its kinetic energy and excitement, and Long Island, which holds a little of both with some family thrown in.

I am excited to show you New York and re-experience it again myself. Should be a fun trip!

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