Reflections of New York


Flew back to South Florida yesterday and today I am back at work, school and life as usual. Reflecting on this trip I feel a mix of feelings.

Seeing Niagara was a breathtaking, awe inspiring experience and I really loved Canada. Likewise, I truly enjoyed experiencing upstate NY in a way I never did when I lived on Long Island. I really appreciate the fall foliage since it is unlikely I will see it again for a long time.


I have to admit that being on Long Island, seeing the changes and remembering my Dad, was kind of hard. It was difficult to reconcile my past and my present at times. It was as if I had a movie like dream sequence running through my head and remembering how things were.

On the flip side it was nice to revisit these places and see them through my children’s eyes. It was a joy also to watch them bond with my niece and nephew. For me it was also nice to reconnect with my sister and brother in law.


As most things that I experience, I seek balance. I think I achieved that in this trip. It was emotional but fun, exciting and nerve wrecking, joyful and sad.

It was a great trip and it will be nice to come home.

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