Reach your goals though Crowdfunding

duhThis week I will take a momentary pause from the “Ways to Save” series to bring you a new concept in raising money. It’s called crowdfunding. If you ever contributed to a or campaign, then you have participated in crowd funding.

Through crowd funding you can bring like-minded people together to raise money for a cause, get your book idea published, or help your produce the movie of your dreams. On the flip side, you can find a cause you truly believe in, you can support a budding artist or sponsor a new innovative idea.

If done right, the impact of crowd funding can be immeasurable. My friend Piers Duruz will teach you how. He runs, were he helps others use the crowd funding platform to fulfill their dreams through the support of others.

Here he discusses crowdfunding can help you and trust me, this man knows his stuff. He shares this knowledge for free. The reason I decided to share this with you is that I was blown away at how gracious and generous he was with sharing his knowledge in this area or in just navigating social media and the blogger-sphere. He truly has the heart of a teacher and wants to share his knowledge with others.

Before I met him I had never heard of crowdfunding, now I can see it has a mirade of practical uses that can help pretty much any business or personal dream. Don’t let the opportunity to pick his brain pass you by. Check out


Your thoughts???