Re-purposing Holiday Candy -Easter Edition


Jelly beans, Chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps…seem a bit out of season with the start of summer. These are the wonderful sugar filled treats that I have been rationing out to my children in small doses since Spring. Unfortunately, there is still a lot left. I have made a concerted effort to reduce sugar consumption in my household. So when the sun set on Easter night, away went the candy free for all.

These items now sit in a tin on the top of my fridge. Why don’t I throw them out? Truthfully, I don’t know. I have a hard time getting rid of food unless its expired or old. I just feel it is wasteful. So I try to find ways to re-purpose these items. Sometimes I can use them in such a way as to create something healthier in the process. (Well OK there is really no way to make a chocolate bunny healthy.)

Here are five ways I have found to use up leftover Easter candy.

1) Melt down peeps and use them to make rice cereal treats. Just add a few teaspoons of water so the marshmallow will release from the bowl. Then add the rice cereal, form and let it cool.

2) Use leftover Chocolate and peeps for a s’mores pizza.Like this recipe from

3) Add them to items with more nutritious ingredients like spinach  pancakes, or muffins. I like to us those found on

I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of making something healthy only to put something unhealthy in it. But I figure if you only use a small amount of the sugary item dispersed over the whole batch of say cookies or muffins, it is still less than if it was eaten alone. My kids are more likely to consume the good healthy ingredientcookies 007 if there is a small amount of the “bad.” It’s all about balance right??jelly beans

4) Can also use the left over for something art like say….Jelly Bean art.

5) You can also donate the remaining candy to Operation Gratitude

If you have any interesting ways you use up left over holiday candy, I would love some new ideas.

Your thoughts???