Post your Summer Memories and Win a $25 gift card

summer memories giveawayLet’s share out best summer memories of 2016

Summer is coming to an end in a few weeks and it seems like it went by so fast (at least to me it does.) This summer was great. My goal this year was to slowdown. Be a kid again, take more time off, and not schedule so much “responsible adult” stuff to do.

My son having a blast in the pool

For my family we met this summer goal . We creating a ton of memories at a slowed down, summer pace. No scheduled activities to rush to, just summer fun with family and friends. This is what summer is all about. I am so grateful to those who lead me down this path. For someone who is a chronic over-scheduler it was sometimes tough to just go with the flow. But it was totally worth it. I wanted to find a way to reflect on what a freeing,  fun, childlike summer it was. So I thought we could all share our best moments!

To close closeout this summer I want to ask you all to head on over to the Facebook page and post a picture of your best event, activity or time. It can be anything that means summer to you and your family. A jump in the pool or time spent at the beach. Whatever evokes the feeling of summer to you. Each person will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 Visa gift card!

 I am really excited to share these memories together and revisit what a great summer this has been. Look forward to seeing what you guys post.

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One thought on “Post your Summer Memories and Win a $25 gift card

  1. What a wonderful idea! We are on our last adventure of the summer – a beach vacation with kids & grandkids. Congratulations on slowing down! That’s a hard one for me too!

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