Periscope a “Real” Social Media Platform

get real on periscope***This post was written when Periscope had only been out about 6 months. I have since learned to LOVE the platform and have made some wonderful, supportive, interesting friends there. It is unlike any other social media. Come join me there daily @inbetweenmelissa.

What is Periscope your may ask? It is a live streaming webcast. It is a new media platform. In know what your thinking, another new media platform and I will be honest at first it did not appeal to me at all. I am just venturing into most of the social media scene and am still learning how to use platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Periscope is  is actually linked to your Twitter account and shares the same log in info. At first, to me if felt awkward and difficult to find people you actually wanted to watch. After a few weeks of learning how to navigate, I am really growing to like it. It has the immediacy of Twitter, the usable information of a Podcast, with the video aspect of YouTube. As I have said before I am not someone who likes to be in front of a camera, but this platform is different. There are no filters, no retakes and no do-overs. It’s live. You see the real person, as they are, with all their mistakes and miss-steps. What they present is who they are at that moment. Unlike YouTube there is no editing. So what people put out there is actually them. No scripting.

It is a very new media so there is a lot of junk to wade though at first. However, if someone you follow on Twitter is on Periscope you can follow then there too. Some Periscopes can be boring and long winded, but I have found some that are instructive and motivating. It all depends on the “Scoper.” The visual real time lessons are what I am enjoying right now. I love that if you are logged in to a live scope you can type out a question and it appears right there on screen for the person you are following to respond to.thZ239465K

I have to say the first time this happened I was in awe. It is a really cool feeling. You feel like more than just a follower, your a student, or a friend. Your part of a community that is responsive. Isn’t that what we started out blogs for. To create a community of like minded people who ask questions, share perspectives and respond to our content. I recently watched some Periscopes where the person had to turn down the AC while speaking, one had to respond to their children, another knocked over something they were using. Some wear makeup, some don’t. Some have poor lighting. Some have bags under their eyes. All are real. That is what I enjoy most. Unlike, YouTube or Instagram, you don’t have to be perfect to broadcast, you just have to be you.

Did I try it. Yes, camera shy me tried it. It felt weird and awkward, but it only stays available for rebroadcast for 24 hours then it is gone. If you are someone comfortable in front of a camera then this is totally for you. I figure it is a good tool to get me over being so camera shy. If you give it a try please let me know what you think?


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