Overdoing Disney?



After returning from a recent trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, I wonder if I am overdoing Disney? My husband seems to think so. It’s true, if it were up to me my family would be there every weekend. My daughter is almost numb to the idea and at seven she has been enough times that she doesn’t even get excited about going . (However, I have created a Disney acolyte in my four-year old son.) I have even taken to listening to Disney podcasts to learn more about the Disney history, going’s on and things to try.

My reasons for loving Disney are sound to me, even if my husband thinks I’m nuts. Living in South Florida affords us special discounts on 3 and 4 day passes for half the year. With no flight costs and not that much travel time, we get the most bang for our buck in a weekend trip.

Also, there is something for everyone. If you are a person who likes roller coasters and rides you can pick from a wide variety, big or small, wet or dry, enclosed or open air. If you are a foodie you can take your pick of a number of different food experiences, (Just had the carrot cake cookie at Hollywood Studios and it was awesome!)


But if you are like me you are there for the atmosphere…the feeling. My main reason for going time and again is that it is transformative. Disney takes you on a trip to places in the world, in time and in your heart.

Epcot gives you a nibble of other countries that, like me, are beyond your means to travel to. It also transports you back in time to walk with dinosaurs, observe colonial america or (my favorite) to your own childhood.

That’s what I mean when I say you  take a trip in your heart. It brings you back to a time before things got so complicated, when it was more innocent and more fun.  A time before you were judged for your chosen career, sexual orientation or lifestyle. When you we’re just you.

For a short time you can forget about work, the bills, the home repairs. Forget about being an adult and indulge in the sensory experience and childhood joyfulness that Disney brings. ( I’m fully aware this is how Disney also gets you to part with so much money by getting you to forget you have bills to pay at home. I am o.k with it…in moderation)fall 154

For those with children this transformative effect takes on a whole new dimension because we return to childhood through our children. We see Disney through their wonder, innocents and energy. Anyone watching a 3-year old meet their favorite princess for the first time can attest to this.

I think this is the “Magic of Disney” Walt wanted. This is the connection that we can all feel. Yes, I do overdo Disney, but I wouldn’t have it any other way

Your thoughts???