Organizing Month 5 – The Bathroom- A Self Care Story

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The Bathroom: A Story in Self Care

If you have been following this blog your will be aware of the monthly series I have been doing. I have been working my way through “One Year To An Organized Life,” by Regina Leeds. If you need to catch up, you can check out last month’s post here. Y0u can also read about my garage redo and my kitchen clean up.

Ok, now on with this months organization…the bathroom. I will shamefully admit I have been putting this area off for a long time. I would say ever since my son was born. (That was 5 years ago.) I have never really liked the way my bathroom looked and really never wanted to deal with it. My kids bathroom on the other hand, I had organized, painted and redesigned in a nice yellow and gray colors scheme. As for my bathroom, I really hate it. It has never been conformable, inviting and definitely never organized.

That is were this book comes in. In this chapter it was as if the author was in my head (kind of creepy!) She seemed to zero in on the organizational story I had been telling myself about my bathroom. There was always a reason I could never tackle this area. I was too busy or too tired. It was too much of a disaster. It needed a new cabinet, sink, faucet, counter ect…

What this really amounted to was this area should have been a sanctuary for me, but I put every other area used by ,y family first. The area that was suppose to make me feel pretty. The area where I was suppose to practice self care, I left  in shambles because in the end, taking care of me was the last thing on my list.

This was the area where I looked at my reflection each morning and determined if I liked what I saw. If the person staring back at me was enough. I will admit that more often then not she was not. I looked at that reflection, just like this room and only saw it’s flaws, only saw what needed to be replaced, redone and fixed. I saw nothing but problems and pushed it and my own self care needs aside.

I was never expecting to see such parallels in the care of myself and the care of my bathroom space but as I followed along in this book and really ingested what the author was saying, this parallel began to emerge.

As you work your way through this book , see our home as a vehicle that enables you to nurture and care for yourself , your family members and all those who enter.’” Regina Leeds.

This is the part I was missing. Yes, my home was a place for me to care for my family. I never thought about it being  where I took care for myself as well. This month, I was my intent to change that.

I started with a clean up. I cleaned up my negative thoughts in my head and the clutter under my sink. I cleaning out all the old product packaging and half used items that were collecting dust under my sink. I got rid of a curling iron that never worked. I discovered a ton of hair bands I had been looking for and realized there was a lot more room under there then I thought.

Years ago, back in my couponing days this was one of my storage spots and it use to be chock full of body washes, lotions conditioners and shampoos. It had been so long I never realized I was actually running low on these items and now had room to store some other things in this space.

My bathroom counter is an old school 80’s design I absolutely hate. It has cabinets on one side and an open area for a stool on the other. I never used a stool and decided to place a cheap rolling cabinet in this area to house makeup and hair products.

When I began going through this cabinet, I was shocked to notice that almost all my makeup products were expired. Truthfully, I had stopped taking the time in the morning to put on makeup and just gave up on any skin care regimen other then simply washing my face. I just never took the time anymore.

This brings me back to my lack of self care. I had tons of nail polish, lipsticks and eyeshadows that had never been used or were past their prime. I had never realized I wasn’t taking the time to use these products. In fact, I had not painted my nails in what seemed like forever. No wonder I didn’t feel like myself. I was taking no time for me in the morning.

So in cleaning and reorganizing my bathroom I realized that I didn’t actually need a new bathroom at all. I just needed to clear away the clutter. Much like my personal self care, I just need to take the time to polish up what I already had. Invest in a few simple additions, like new makeup and a new coat of paint for the walls. All I really needed was to take care of what I had.  This month organization made me recognize that the story you tell yourself doesn’t have to be the story you are stuck with. You can make the time for self care if you make caring for you and your space a priority.

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  1. I’m always avoiding sorting our bathroom out too – it’s just full of bath toys, and half used products. I did go through all my make up recently though and was amazed how much I had that had never even been used. Now I can actually see what I own! x #FridayFrivolity

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