Mini Moments Monday : Nourish a Friendship

mini moments monday

Mini Monents Monday -Friendship

By Trish Russell

Drained. Worn Out. Just plum tuckered out. Do you ever feel this way?! How do you get out of your rut? What brings light into your soul? A friend.

As moms we can become consumed with our children and their lives. When we are pulled in a million directions and constantly pulled or tugged at, taking time to invest in ONE more person can seem daunting. Maybe even impossible.

I understand. I’ve been there and will be again. But I promise you that the small investments you make even when you’re depleted will go a very long way with your soul friends. I do not mean the energy sucking person who seems to be your friend but doesn’t take the time or energy to see that you haven’t slept in weeks, probably missed a shower or two this week, and the only thing you long for is sitting in quiet, alone. I do not encourage you to spend time investing in that person. We are thinking about the girlfriend that brings a smile to your face when her name is mentioned or you run across a photo.

Three tiny, itty bitty actions to choose from. This mini moment will nourish your friendship.
1 – Write a card and mail it, snail mail, today!
2 – Find an old photo of the two of you, snap a picture of it and send a text, ‘thought of you!’ OR send a photo of something (food, location, flower) that reminds you of your friend and send a text!
3 – Go on Amazon, order her favorite snack and mail it with a note, ‘just something to say hi!’

Stop what you’re doing, add it to your must do list, whatever it takes….do it. You’ll be so glad you did and your friend will feel extremely spoiled! And don’t we need a little of that in our lives?! It only required a mini moment of your day ?!

5 thoughts on “Mini Moments Monday : Nourish a Friendship

  1. I just spent an evening with friends from high school and it was wonderful. It is amazing that we are friends for 40 some years and only see each other every few years and when we get together it seems like yesterday. It was a boost I needed.

    1. Sometimes we forget the importance of having good friends we get busy and life gets in the way but when we reconnect it’s such a great feeling. Thank you for sharing Michele

  2. I love that these ideas are so simple, but mean so much as a way to say “I’m thinking of you.” Friends are so important and it really is so easy to get caught up with our children and let go of friendships. Thanks for sharing at the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

    1. When I read it. It immediately brought to mind a friend I had not spoken to in a long time. Thought it was a great prompt to reconnect. Trish (the writer) is great that way.

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