My nature walk – Trying to slow down

wpid-20151012_090420.jpgI told you I went for a walk yesterday. It did everything I hoped it would do for me. It was peaceful,, tranquil and a wonderfully contemplative space. I walked around a nature preserve called Green Cay Wetlands. It’s a beautiful walk that shows introduces you to Florida’s wetlands and wildlife. At times I have seen a variety of birds, turtles, rabbits, gators, in their natural habitat. There I observed two gators brawel for dominance, another stalk a bird. It is amazing. I also got a chance to think

2 thoughts on “My nature walk – Trying to slow down

  1. I can’t believe it, Melissa! I visited my niece last weekend and we spent Sunday afternoon, with my grandniece, who is 6, exploring Green Cay Wetlands Park! We saw such a range of birds and turtles–if the gators were there, we weren’t aware (but enjoyed seeing the exhibits inside.) I can see where this was a place to be quiet and feel your loss. What a wonderful coincidence…

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