My Mother’s Day Gift Bag of Shame

If you are like me and ran out of gift bags to wrap your Mom’s Mother’s Day present in, Joy from Foodpackaginglabels.nethas provided a great link to help us out. She has create some super cute Mother’s Day inspired labels that are easy to print and can be ready in a few minutes . So wish I had these this morning!

   This is pretty close to the bag I wrapped my mom’s gift in. Not pretty. No it doesn’t really say Happy Mother’s Day. It says “uhhh,, this was the only gift bag I had left.” Don’t be like me. Don’t give your mom a circus inspired gift bag for Mother’s Day. Print these labels out instead.

(Just in case you were wondering I was not compensated for the promotion of these labels. I really just thought they were cute and a much better option for a last minute, scrambling  for time, working-mom gift bag then what I went with.)

  Go to to download these cute labels.

Your thoughts???