Today’s Moms Are In Charge Of The Money

mom moneyI am not sure when the shift happened but over the past decade or so the household finances, traditionally the realm of the male head of household, have become the responsibility of the mother. Mother’s are now increasingly the CFO’s of the household finances. It might be our ability to multi-task in a productive way, or how we stay organized differently from our male counterparts that has made this role shift take place.

Another factor that may have played a part into the increase of mom’s handling money is the new term known as Mompreneur. Mompreneur is defined by Wikipedia as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur. In order to follow their dreams of business ownership these mom’s have been much more active in paying down debt then ever before. Gone are the days of a mom frivolously spending money on a new dress in fear of the husband’s financial wrath. Mom’s are working together with their partners to be strategic about the spending and set themselves up for business owners.

One of the ways stay at home mom’s are effecting their finances is through direct sales companies. They are taking hold of there families financial future while still at home with the children by earning extra income and but maintaining a flexible schedule.dollar

For those like me, who are still working a 9-5 outside the home. I felt the need to take over the finances and make the money I earned work best for our family. In working outside the home, I have been sacrificing precious time with my children and I want to be sure the money earned making this sacrifice is used wisely. I took over the family finances when I saw my husbands divided focus made it difficult for him to maintain consistency in our bills, or payments. Not only can this be empowering, it also seems like a natural fit for a mom’s more nurturing care-giver mentality.

Mom’s of today are much more then just MOM. We are CFO, couponer, shopper, bill payer, and business owner. We  are partners in determining the financial future of our households, and we contribute more then just our own 2 cents.

Your thoughts???