In Between Life’s Changes

In between life's changes



Nothing is constantly but change. Change is inevitable. You and your environment must change and adapt or it will cease to exist. For months now I have felt an this intensely. I knew something in me needed to change. On more than one occasion I felt like despair was taking hold of me. It felt as if I was stuck in a bear trap twisting and pulling to get away. With any attempt at escape being met with more pain. I am not a prayer. But I prayed on this or you can say I put my need out to the universe. I begged for help. For direction….then one day things changed.

The change I needed, was desperate for finally happened. Unfortunately, I was so mired in hurt feelings, old failures and immobile that I could nit see anything good from it. My thoughts were full of fear. In our lives we reach a state of equilibrium.  A sort of status quo. Things become common place. We believe the premise that our circumstances will always remain the same. We end up tolerating things we would have never imagined putting up with before because of the fear of change. What if we change and the change is worse? “Better stay were I am,” we tell ourselves.

For me, I knew I could not remain as I was. Still when the change came I balked. I saw only the negative. Fear overcame me and I panicked.   God had answered my prayer but I couldn’t see it. Here was the way out. I only had to take it. I crying and fought against the change. I believed this was happening because I was unworthy, less of a person, not good enough.

But to my amazement the next day the fear disappated. The clarity of my situation can through. It was if the storm passed, the clouds parted and I could see the blue sky. I could see with much more clarity after a good night sleep.change-quotes

We all fear change but most change brings about something we know we need. It helps use grow. It helps us move forward. Here are some of the ways I finally looked past my fear to accept changes in my life.
1. Make a Pro and Con list -Sometimes writing out your fears (Con’s) on paper and seeing them in writing removed there power. You get them out of your head and also make room for some positives (Con’s) to enter
2. Allow a mourning period – Change requires leaving something familiar behind. Even if you did not like your former situation it was part of you, part of your history. It’s ok to miss it and say goodbye.
3. Sleep on it – Just as it happened to me, a good nights sleep might bring a new clarity to see positives in the pending changes.
4. Take ownership of the change – Accept that things are changing and make a conscious decision to take charge of this change. Choose to guide yourself into this new chapter of your life. Make it yours instead of allowing others or external factors to be forced on you.
5. Know this change, like all changes, are only temporary- Whether good or bad, our life goes into seasons. Know that this and all changes are temporary. Treasure and be grateful for your past lessons and look forward and embrace your future life knowing it is only a momentary piece of your life’s journey.

Your thoughts???