M&M’s, St. Patrick’s & Manhattan


Yesterday we went back to NYC and covered a lot of ground. Since my niece and nephew were in school it was much easier to manage with only 2 kids.

First we went to Times Square. I was originally apprehensive after all the stories about naked painted people and of course, aggressive homeless but we managed to avoid most and ending up doing some really nice site seeing. The kids, although over tired, perked up after a trip to m&m world. Who knew that was even there?


Anyhow, we traveled on to Rockefeller Center and looked around. Had some lunch in Trump Tower. (My daughter said I should vote for him because he builds pretty buildings) After a walk through there we crossed the street to St Patrick’s Cathedral. I forgot how absolutely stunning it is on the inside. Definitely a must see.


Finally, since the kids were tucker out we did the ultimate tourists activity. A carriage ride through Central Park. (Our horse was named Harry ) The kids got to feed him a carrot after, which I think for them was the highlight.

Then we high taled it back home so we could beat the commuter rush. It was a really fun very busy day. The evening we met up with friends and spent more time with family. Only one more day before heading back to SoFlo. Thanks for traveling with me.

Your thoughts???