Mini Moment Ideas To Keep Your Summer Sanity


Mini Moment Ideas to not Totally Lose your Mind this Summer!

By Trish Russell

Let’s be real, summer is a totally different animal than the rest of the year. For those of you with kids in school, who are now, you could be feeling a little nervous about how this is REALLY gonna go down. No worries. My kids stay home with me full-time, so I am going to share my quick tricks that help me survive.

Step 1: Buy a padlock
Step 2: Grab a bottle of wine
Step 3: Don’t worry….I’m kidding!! It’s not legal to lock your kids in a closet….yourself though….😉

Ok, now that we’ve chuckled, real thoughts on mini moments for you this summer. I have suggestions below. These are different strategies I use throughout life’s seasons; pick one to try this week!
1 – Wake up 30 minutes to an hour before the kids to workout or read (2 or 3 times a week helps)
2 – Kids fight over a toy? Take it for the day – no questions, negotiations!
3 – Play a 30 minute show and go to the kitchen and read a book (or stare at a wall, have a favorite snack, drink that cup of coffee from 3 hours ago.)
4 – Put your phone away (take a moment for you that’s not a screen.)
5 – Once a week get out, BY YOURSELF!!!

Friend Hacks!
1 – Park everyday from 8:30-11:30 unless another play date/activity comes up. (Kids are 1st & 3rd graders)
2 – VBS — do it!!!
3 – Grandparent getaway

There are grand plans to get through the summer, and while those are great I’m still in survival stage. My kiddos are tiny (1-4 years old) so our days are intense and I’m constantly looking for ways to get a ‘mini me’ moment. Hopefully these ideas will serve you on the midst of vacation, tantrums or ‘I’m booored’ moments of insanity!

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