Mini Moment – Memorial Day


Thank you all for your patience as I stumbled through life the past month. Transitioning to single parent for the summer was a lot harder than anticipated and I dropped several balls, Melissa’s delightful blog as one. I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with Melissa’s community and appreciate the grace as I discover this new season of life.

Memorial Day….I am honored to be here with you today. As a veteran and army wife this day, along with other National Holidays, touch my soul. So, what to write about mini-moments on Memorial Day?!?

Simple. Stop and cherish this very moment. Someone died in the hope and belief that you were worth it. A child is growing up with a father or a mother because the soldier chose our freedoms over their life. A mother and father have buried their marine because the call to be on the front lines was their child’s life calling. A wife, a husband, a fiancĂ©, a girlfriend is living an altered future due to their sailor’s oath to serve and protect. And there is a friend missing their high school pal because joining the Armed Forces was life’s big day

I don’t share this to guilt you. I hope and pray it encourages you to continue putting one foot in front of the other. Keep loving someone who may not be easy to love in this moment. Make room and space for family and friends to connect with you. Be present and cherish the breathe in your lungs.

Many someone’s believed you were worth defending. Sons and daughters dedicated themselves to a future of freedom. Fathers and mothers gave up creating more memories so you could choose the ones you’ll create.

What will you do with today? I hope and pray it will be a choice you look back on and cherish.


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