Marketing Avengers to girls


In the Marvel Universe themes like choice and consequence, physical differences and personal acceptance are  introduced in unique and interesting ways. Maybe that is why as a teen the Marvel Universe intrigued me. The art was amazing, the characters complex and fascinating and the universe a reflection of current events.

So imagine my surprise when my children began taking an interest in comic characters and started watching Disney’s “Avengers Assemble” cartoon. Both my son and daughter enjoyed the show, had favorite characters and followed the story line.

My son has even started collecting the Avengers figures. However, when my daughter went to do the same she found nothing related to the girls in the show or movies. There was not one Black Widow or Scarlet Witch to be found. This was extremely disappointing for her.barbie

She loves Barbie and there is nothing wrong with that, but this was a different type of heroine. I for one, appreciated the fact that she was gravitating to a strong woman that was just as powerful as any male Avenger.

Is it because Black Widow is not covered in pink and sparkles, because she’s not concerned with vying for a boys attention and wearing trampy clothes or she doesn’t have ice powers? Are girls toys so fixated on princesses that they forgot about capturing the Avengers momentum and marketing it to girls?

Maybe they believe it won’t sell. I’m sad to say they missed the boat on this one. Why are our girls missing out on toys that project powerful, strong, as well as beautiful, woman. Hopefully, they will notice the gap in their marketing strategy and correct it so my son AND my daughter can be inspired by Marvel characters the way I was.

I’m not exactly a feminist, but I’m shocked that in today’s day an entire segment would be overlooked on such a huge scale. I mean, if we only show our girls one type of woman with impossible proportions and an enormous wardrobe, why are we surprised when she thinks that is all she’s suppose to be?


2 thoughts on “Marketing Avengers to girls

  1. I love the Avengers and I am sure there are plenty of girls that do! I am really suprised that they make only the male fingers. I agree there is nothing wrong with liking Barbie, but there should be a range of role models for children

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