How to Make a Drip Cake For Any Occasion

drip cakesI know at the end of last year I gave up cake decorating since I really didn’t have the time to devote to it the way I wanted to. However, I still enjoy the art and have fun making decorated cakes for special occasions like birthday’s and holidays. this Christmas I decided to try my hand at those trendy, drip cakes. These new style cakes are popping up in bakers display case and foodie features all throughout the year. The most beautiful I have seem are those created by Bryson Perkins. He is so amazingly talented. These are some if his incredible creations shown on his Facebook page.


The one I created is no where near as spectacular as his. But I was pretty happy with it and was surprised how easy it came together. I blocked out a chunk of time to work on this cake, but I didn’t have a lot of time being I still had Christmas prep to do and had to work my 9-5. This was simple enough to get done in a time crunch but fancy enough for a special occasion. Here are some easy steps to create your own drip cake.


Use any boxed or homemade cake mix that suites your fancy. Likewise, you can create your own frosting or use one from a can. Remember during the holidays it is best to keep it simple.


Be sure to do a initial thin coat of icing to capture any crumbs that might try to escape. After a good chill in the fridge, apply a second coat. You want this one to be as smooth as possible but if it is not perfect don’t drive yourself crazy. The top and a lot of the sides will be covered by chocolate drips.

Chocolate ganache

You will want to make the ganache several hours before so it will thicken up a bit before you apply it. This is a mistake I made when I initially applied my drips. My chocolate was a bit thin and ran a little fasted then I would have liked. However if you like that look then do not leave it out as long. If using dark or semi-sweet chocolate it would be a 50/50 proportion of chocolate to heavy cream. For white chocolate use 2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream.

Prep cake

Refrigerate the cake until it has a good chill. If possible pop it into the freezer for about 10 minutes.


In order for this to work the cake MUST be chilled. Start at top edge of the cake adding spoonful by spoonful as it drips down the side. Once all sides are completed the fill in the top with chocolate.


Here is where you can really get creative. You can add premade cookies or molded chocolate, sprinkles, chocolate bark, holiday themed candies and swirls of icing. Here is where you can add your personal style or design it to match a theme.

This cake is easy to adapt to any holiday, event or birthday party. Just vary your colors, and adjust you cake top decorations to suit your event. Have fun with it.

Your thoughts???