How you are losing money…drip by drip


Water. It comes out of the faucet or from the hose but we really never think about how much it cost us to have H2O easily available to use everyday. There are more reasons to paying attention to water usage then just sound environmental practices. It could actually save you money. Here are the top 5 tips to tracking and reducing your water bill.

*** This refers to those who get there water from a municipal or city source.

#1 – Who uses the water in your house? -It is important to look at how many people live in your house and how much water they are consuming. For example teens, who have a tendency to take longer showers, might have a higher water usage then other members of the household. One or the ways to lessen water consumption in this area would be to

install a low-flow shower head. It might be a little extreme but set a time while you are in the shower to get a better idea of how ling you are actually spending in there. If you have a an older shower head you could be using up to 20 gallons of water for a 5 minute shower, according to

#2 – Check for  leaks – This is by far the biggest way to save money on your water bill. Likewise, if you are seeing a big spike in water usage it is most likely due to a water leak somewhere. Common places that leaks occur are toilets, pipes connections, and faucts. Those constant leaky drips add up.

#3 – Consider the season – In the summer people have a tendancy to use more water to fill the kiddie pool, water the garden, and keep the lawn green. This turns into a lot more water usage which is reflected in your water bill. Water your lawn only when it needs it will reduce your water consumtion dramaticly. Also adding mulch around shrubs and tress will help reduce the need to water frequently.

#4 – Don’t keep the water continusly running – Shut of the hose, or faucet in between uses like when you are brushing your teeth, cleaning vegetables or washing your car. Also hand washing a dish or cup here or there instead of running the dishwasher can also help conserve.

#5 – Check your water meter – To make sure it is working correctly and giving an accurate reading of your water usage so you are not paying more then you should be. You can follow this tutorial for step by step instructions on how to properly read and calculate your water usage.

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2 thoughts on “How you are losing money…drip by drip

  1. Good saving tips, it is so easy to waste water. We went through a horrible drought a number of years back and we were forced to take these measures and a lot more. Not being allowed to water the garden or wash the car. We could not wash paths down. It sure taught us to respect water.

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