5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Learning All Summer

5 ways to keep your kids learning all summer long

5 Ways To Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

Here is South Florida this Thursday marks the last day of school. Most teachers will advise that students lose some of the skills they had worked hard on all year over the summer break. My kindergarten ages son is a budding reader and my daughter is finally started to like math. I for one do not want to break the momentum of learning that has started with the fantastic teachers they have had this year.

  1. Explore local museums – Not only does this help you beat the heat of summer it gives you kids an opportunity to learn something in a new setting. It doesn’t have to be an art museum . There are various types of museums such as those gear towards younger children that are more sensory, museums that explore science and others that teach history. Spots like this are tucked in towns all over the country and are a great source of summer learning.

You can find art museums by country, city or state here.

Looking for a science center? You can also search by country or state here.

You can also go to the American Alliance of Museums to find site specific to the US.

  1. Cook with your kids – If you haven’t already read my post about how my kids are learning measurements and cooperation thru Mug cakes you can read it here. Cooking with your kids is not only a great way for them to learn life skills. You can work a little math lesson in as well.

  2. Have your kids do a summer journal – This is something I am trying out this year. A journal jut for them to write down their thoughts and observations, save souvenirs from their summer trips and really document their summer however they feel.wpid-2015-07-31-21.58.18.jpg.jpeg

  3. Visit the library… often! – Last summer we visited the library every weeks and my kids got into the habit of reading all summer long. My son wasn’t reading yet but spending time at the library got him use to choosing books and got him excited for reading.

  4. Visit the famers market or local farm –  This was another Saturday activity we did each week last summer. My kids had so many great experiences learning about farm animals and the importance of farm fresh foods. They feed chickens and cows, picked peppers and tried new fruits. Plus you can save a bundle of money at the famers market and can bring your farm goodies home to cook with your kids.

How do you plan on keeping your kids learning all summer? Would love to here some other ideas to try with my kids. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments below.

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