An Explanation of Laziness

lazy-frog-1231555Lazy, laziness, being lazy. It is almost like a cuss word to me. It would be a lie to say I have never had my lazy moments. We all have them from time to time. But being truly lazy is not really a momentary lack of energy, it is a complete inertia and lack of want to move yourself. To be honest it is something that I find truly abhorrent. Especially if you are witness or on the receiving end of someone who is demonstrating laziness. true laziness is a choice. It is a decision and in my view there are three possible causes of laziness.

1) Lack of Will – These individuals truly have no want to produce, create or become anything. They are not lost, or indecisive. They have no want or will to become anything more. Even if an opportunity is laid in front of them the effort it would take is more then they want to give so they do nothing.

2) Ignorance – these individuals do not have the ability or need to learn how to change or better their situation. They make a choice to remain ignorant rather then have the world require something of them.

3) Entitlement -These indivuals are the most common and annoy me most of all. These are the ones that have complete ability and knowledge but feel that nothing should be required of them in order for them to get what you have worked for. This is an epidemic that is growing. It is often associated with youth however, all walks of life, ages and types fall into this category. These individuals know they should work to achieve more but feel it you owe them because they deserve “it” more that you. They believe they are better than you, smarter, more important, more special so everything you have should belong to them. (Scary I know!)Laziness-Quotes-8

So when you are faced with laziness in any of these forms how do you deal with it. How did you not let it effect you. How do you not become resentful and angered by the choices of these individuals?

  1. Try not to take it personal – These people have a deficiency in themselves they must work through. This is no reflection on your dealings with them. There laziness is not about you or anything you have done.
  2. Don’t be an enabler – Many times lazy people will find enablers that will continue to pave there way and make things easier for them by doing there work or paying there bills. There behavior will not change and they will continue to come to you to “help them out.”
  3. Remove yourself from the situation – If you are not around to witness the laziness then it will not annoy you or effect you. If you don’t have to see the lazy individual commit the laziness it will not contribute to the resentment and anger you might feel.
  4. Believe in karma – If you are forced to interact with lazy inviduals know that you are the better person and that they are not gaining anything by being lazy. They are not tricking or skirting the “system.” Eventually, there laziness will catch up with them.
  5. Set proper expectations and follow thru with consequences – Setting the right expectation for a lazy individuals will not usually prevent the laziness. However, enforcing those expectations does. If you set the expectation for your lazy son that they must find a job by  such and such a date or they must find a new place to live, might not make them get a job but once the moving truck arrives they don’t have the luxury to be lazy anymore.

We have all been effected by lazy indiduals and there actions are often soul sucking and draining. Just remember in most cases the ability to remain lazy is a choice.



9 thoughts on “An Explanation of Laziness

  1. I struggle with lazy people because it is not who I am or how I was raised. Fortunately, I have surrounded myself with people who are not lazy! #PitStop

  2. Thank you so much for this post. My mom is a lazy person who just too advantage of me and my husband too much. I had to cut her out of my life completely. Thank you for posting this and helping me remember why I had to do it, and help me not be this person. I am working on becoming super motivated and not continuing the cycle. Thank you I needed to read this post today.


  3. I think that is the first post I have read on ‘lazy’. Very interesting thoughts. Fortunately, I don’t have any lazy people around me at this time. If it was a close family member who was
    lazy that would be hard and frustrating. Thanks for bringing this subject to the Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  4. You gave me some new ways to think about laziness and to deal with it in others. I am a bit driven so I have to be careful not to let my need to achieve/accomplish a lot affect my expectations of others.

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