Introducing Savings Sundays


Since my financial on-line budget series has ended. I have been looking for a new finance topic to explore. One of the things my journey into on-line budgeting taught me is I have a lot to learn about finance. I have decided I most certainly need to do more research in several areas of finance. My plan is to break this research up into three sections, Saving/Budget, Investments, and Dreams/Goals.

My plan is to journey in-depth into these three areas over the course of several months, maybe even years. I would like to bring to you, book reviews, interviews and discoveries I find helpful on each of these topics. I figure this would be a great way for me to immerse myself in each of these areas, learn and bring that information to you.

A lot of my new found interest in these areas of finance is twofold.

1) I have reached the age of 40 and notice that my time horizon for saving for retirement is not as far off as it use to be.

2) In researching and reviewing my accounts while setting up my budget I found that I had an IRA that was just sitting there doing nothing for about 10 years. Yeah, total waste.

So basically, I don’t want to waste anymore time remaining ignorant. Time is the only assess that is really ours and I blew a lot of it by not educating myself on finances. Yes, I made some early attempts but then life got in the way. I made it less important and ultimately let myself live in a fantasy world of debt and stupidity.

We all have our financial moments of epiphany. When we find out we have been paying an enormous amount in interest by using our credit cards to much, when we drain our savings by overspending, when we are gripped by fear when the money has run out but the bills keep coming. We have all been there at one time or another to varying degrees.dollar

Whether by fear, ignorance or just plain being fed up. I have decided this is not something I can no longer put off. One of the purposes of this blog is to bring you with me on my journey in finding moderation and balance in everyday life. Money is a huge part of everyday life. Matter of fact, it can influence and effect every aspect of your life if it is not in balance.

For the next part of this finance journey I will be taking on Savings/ Budgeting. And will begin by bringing you a new post feature called Savings Sundays. I have discovered which budgeting program I like best in my last series. For more on that and my review of click here.

Over the next several week s I will be searching for resources to increase my savings and get out of debt faster. Some of the topics I plan to explore include couponing, Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step plan, Ways to Save. and the emotions of debt. If there is anything else you would like me to explore please share with a comment or an email. I would greatly appreciate and be open to exploring any ideas or suggestions.

Your thoughts???