I’m sorry God…I don’t like going to Church

churchI know I will get some flack for this but I really dislike going to church lately. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind praying, I actually like talking with God. It’s not even the ritual of the Catholic Church that get me. I know that is a sticking point for some. It’s the actual act of sitting in church and trying to keep my kids quite and well-behaved for a full hour.

I know people have been doing this for years and their kids manage to behave. But sitting in church trying to get my kids to sit still, pay attention, behave, stop fighting, etc…. will that alone takes an act of God! The whole while the old women who subscribe to the total fire and brimstone, your going to hell because your five year old is acting like a five year old glares at me. I see here judgmental looks, eye rolling and sneers (and yes we are in church you would think they would be more understanding.) But to be honest church with kids totally stresses me out. From the moment we have to get dressed it is an arduous task of finding proper clothes, then forcing my kids to wear them, that is why most of the time we end up there in jeans. (Insert more glaring looks.)

Once we arrive, late as usual we end up having to squeeze our brood into the middle of a pew. I pray (right place for it) desperately my son will not step on the toes of the 80-year-old, we are trying to squeeze past. We are finally seated but that is when the real stress begins. The lying down, the jumping around, the sibling fights, the raised voice. For me the stress. I know the lady behind us is thinking “my children never behaved like this in church,” and “these new mothers can’t control their kids in church.”

My daughter celebrates her First Communion tomorrow and I am proud but equally agitated with the anticipation of trying to get me son to behave and my daughter to not have a fear-filled dramatic episode. Now I know church should be a place of peace, calm and contented contemplation. I believe that it will be. Maybe in the next season of my life. I know I must give my children the foundation and values the church brings. Hopefully they will gain the discipline and self control that increases with age, but for now well… I don’t like going to church.

8 thoughts on “I’m sorry God…I don’t like going to Church

  1. There is nothing wrong with the feeling of dislike in going to Church. It is just saddening that others judge on the place of worship especially when God told not to judge. Instead of judging, try to understand where the person is coming from. But, we are humans, we tend to make that judgement even though we know that it is wrong. Instead, be aware the next time round when we are judging and try to do something different than just giving glares or gossip. 🙂

  2. As I said when I reblogged, it is easy to sit back and judge people. But what if each of us took a minute to see life through the eyes of the mom fighting to get the kids out of bed, fed, clothed, in the car and then to church while trying to maintain her sanity. It is easy to judge the mom at the grocery store whose children are running around being kids and making noise. We should imagine walking a mile in those shoes before we make a hasty judgment. Thank you for the reminder. Danny

    1. Thanks so much for the reblog. Yes, I might be on one side of the equation but I would be lying if I didn’t say I have had my own moments where I have judged others. How things appear is usually only a portion of the whole story.

  3. I know I have felt embarrassment at my son’s crying, but at the church I went to, people were always compassionate. I remember getting glares at a grocery store one time (the obvious thought “shut that kid up!”) and all I could think was “if you don’t know what it’s like to have a 2 year old, then that’s not my problem!”

    1. Sound like you found a great church. It is sad to think that people would not be more understanding but yes, if they don’t get it, it’s not your problem. Good for you

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