I’m geeking out over Star Wars Land

Image from CNN.com. Originally released by Disney/Lucus Films
Image from CNN.com. Originally released by Disney/Lucus Films

Star Wars Land is coming to Disney! Just when you thought Disney had reached a creative limit, a build out of space, a imaginative hiatus. They decide to expand on to new interplanetary horizons.

Disney is a company known for innovation, but most recently their focus has been more princess oriented. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Who doesn’t love a Frozen sing-a-long. However, it has been nice to see a move in a different direction. One that will tap into the movie memories of adults while creating the next generation of Star Wars fans.

Disney purchased Lucusfilms for $4 billion in October of 2012 and with that purchase they have, in my opinion,breathed new life into a franchise that its creator seemed bent on destroying.tie-fighter-1498813

Since the purchase they have expanded the storyline with an animated prequel of sorts. Through this they have brought in new characters and expanded on the Star Wars universe. Our family watches the “Star Wars Rebels” show and I will admit we all enjoy it. (Especially now that they have brought in the newly minted Darth Vader character) Disney has also brought the franchise into other Disney events including a Star Wars themed Run Disney and a Star Wars day themed cruise set to sail in February 2016.

This year me and my family attended the Star Wars weekends at Hollywood studios. It was a lot of fun to see the interesting settings, and experience the different themed products, but I was really blown away by the character greetings. They created such a unique styling to the event and bring in a whole new level to the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars Land announcement was made at the D23 Expo in California last month. The initial plan is to create an entirely new 14-acre stretch land in both Disney Land and Disney World Parks. It is expected to be a fully-immersive, interactive and customizable visit into the Star Wars Universe. I anticipate it will be like the Pixar/Toy Story area in Hollywood Studios on Steroids, but something more sensory and environmental then what has been offered at Disney up until now. It sounds so cool right?

There is no set timeline for the expansions but many news sources say the lands are projected to open sometime in 2020. With initial ground breaking at Disney World to start in 2017. This however, has not been confirmed. Personally, I am so excited to see where Disney takes this theme. It is going to be amazing. I can not wait to sharing the Star Wars universe with my family once the new park opens.

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