Illumibowl: One Mom’s Answer to Poor Aim

illumibowlIllumibowl. As the name implies it is a light up bowl.

But…it’s not a technicolored cereal bowl, or a LCD salad bowl, it is the other kind of bowl…Yes that one…the toilet. Initially, when the company came to me and asked for a product review I immediately thought of my son.

I have a five year old son and on a daily basis I have to clean my bathroom floor due to poor aim. If you live with a male children out of diapers, it is the secret shame us mothers have. Everyone talks extensively about potty training but they really never talk about the aftermath. The constant clean-up.  Let’s face it, most newly potty trained boys and young males in general, have poor aim. Especially at night.

So back to the Illumibowl… My immediate thought when I heard of this product is, “ Maybe this would be the answer to my pee problem?” (And I wouldn’t have to clean the bathroom floor every day.)Illumibowl

So what does the Illumibowl do?

It is a multi-colored LED light that suctions to the side of your toilet and literally lights up the bowl. There is a outer portion that has a light sensor and attaches to the outside of the bowl and a very small inner bowl light that attaches via suction cup. This small inner light illuminates the water and makes it a multi-colored light show.

It runs on 2 AAA batteries and is small enough to attach on the side of the bowl without much work or trouble. It has 2 setting. The first setting you can light the bowl a single color and the second it will change colors every few seconds. All you do is shut off the bathroom light.

So after attaching it to the toilet, I let my son try it out. He was so excited. He actually chooses to use the bathroom in the dark so he could see the toilet change colors. That was the only problem. I found my son wanted to use it all the time, but our bathroom was not dark enough to make the light go on during the day. It would be helpful to have a setting in which you could leave the bowl lit continuously without darkening the room.

On the positive side. I did notice a bit of improvement with my son’s aim. I found he focuses on the target area inside of the bowl when the light was on. So yes, it did result in less mess afterwards. Plus, he thought it was really neat! If nighttime toilet aim is a problem in your household you can pick up one for yourself at or enter to win one for free at the giveaway below.

*** I have been given a free product by the Illumibowl company for the purposes of this review and for the giveaway. However, the opinions express in the post are my own.
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