Holiday Checklist

silver-orns-1443574As I look at the plastic containers of turkey, cranberry sauce and potatoes in my fridge I come to the realization that Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is upon us. Since I did pretty well achieving most of the things on my Fall Checklist. I have decided to make a Holiday Checklist.

I don’t have as much time off of work this season so I don’t know how successful I will be but it is still fun to make this list and organize the things I would like to do.

  1. Decorate the house for Christmas.
  2. Decorate the Tree.
  3. Make Christmas cookies with the kids
  4. Make a Holiday Cake
  5. Go to a local Tree Lighting
  6. Make Holiday Crafts.
  7. Make Homemade craft with kids to give as a gift.
  8. Go on Holiday Lights Tour
  9. Visit Santa
  10. Mail Letters to Santa
  11. Take Christmas picture at the beach or a park
  12. Finish Christmas shopping
  13. Drink Hot Cocoa
  14. Stay on 21-day fix eating plan. For more information click here to see my post from earlier this month.
  15. Watch ELF (Best Christmas movie ever)
  16. Play Christmas music
  17. Teach kids about Random Acts of Kindness on December 13. You can to by joining izzyasabee’s  Random Acts of Kindness Event
  18. Not stress out about Christmas shopping, remember the spirit of the season.
Since I tend to stress out until all the shopping is done # 17 is a struggle for me. However, this year I will keep this one in mind. It is not about Black Friday sales or big presents. No matter what holiday you celebrate this season is about family, friends and enjoying the feelings of love and giving that go along with them. Here is a video to get you in the holiday spirit.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Checklist

  1. Thanks for all your great ideas, I am so excited about Christmas, the house is ready. The turkey is in the freezer and I bought two gifts yesterday. A bit more to get through your list. Thanks so much for your contribution to Fridays Blog Booster Party and I look forward to you joining us in the new Blogger’s Pit Stop on Friday.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the opportunity. I have discovered to many new blogs and interesting post though your site. I am really looking forward to seeing the Blogger’s Pit Stop. Sounds like a great idea.

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