7 Reasons Why Hobbies Are Important to Living a Balanced Life


We have work. We have family. We have bills and obligations that are part of daily life. What is equally important but often neglected, is downtime. This is something, until recently, I never admitted that I needed. Everyone needs a hobby as a way to express themselves, blow off steam and escape.

Here are 7 reasons why hobbies are important to living a balanced life.

  1. They give you a creative outlet – In many cases we are not in a field where our creativity is utilized. It is important to have an outlet to express yourself creatively. Whether it’s cooking, writing, craft’s, your hobby gives you an opportunity to explore new parts of yourself.herb-and-pottery-1311169
  2. Hobbies give you “me” time – Sometimes it is just the need to get out of the house, away from the kids. The opportunity to lose yourself in something that you truly enjoy. A hobby gives you necessary “me” time to remove yourself from daily activities and take a needed break on your own.
  3. They give your mind a resting place to deal with emotions. –  When you  go for a long run, building a bench or are painting a picture, your mind is allowed to wander and contemplate something more then paying the light bill and what to make for dinner. Hobbie give you the opportunity to contempt your environment and the effect you have on it. For me I use scrapbooking to deal with the passage of time. I scrapbook to hold a moment of time and keep it forever on paper.
  4. They help you to define your likes and dislikes – Often times your hobbies will change with the seasons of your life. Things you found enjoyment in before might not appeal to you at another time in your life. Our hobbies can also reflect who we are. We can drift from one to another trying new ones until we hit on the ones we truly enjoy.
  5. They can create a community and a fellowship – Hobbies like team sport give you a group to be apart of working to achieve a team goal. Other hobbies also have groups or communities that get together to explore, teach and discuss there hobby with like-minded individuals.
  6. Hobbies can grow into something greater – Sometimes things that start off as a hobby, like blogging for instance, can turn into a business or book deal. Your hobbies can open doors that you might not have thought to explore otherwise. They can introduce you to great teachers and friends. Most businesses ideas start off as someone just tinkering around with a hobby. Many long lasting friendships begin with common interests.paint-brushes-1538532
  7.  They can help you find fulfillment – You are drawn to a hobby because it expresses a part of who you are. It gives you a piece of yourself that might otherwise be missing. For some, it might be the need to create. For others it might be a social outlet, for still others it could be community. Whatever the hobby may be,  we have a need, a longing in our souls. We seek out a hobby to fulfill that longing.

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4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Hobbies Are Important to Living a Balanced Life

  1. I agree 100% with your article. Hobbies are lifesavers. Thanks for your post. I started my blog as a hobby because I love taking photos and writing. My blog is all over the place right now. But I’m hoping that before my one year anniversary comes, I’ll have a definite outline. Enjoyed this article. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Thanks. So glad you enjoyed it! I’m figuring the first year of blogging is more about finding your voice. I know it has been a great hobby to explore and much cheaper than therapy. 🙂

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