Healthy Tomato Bruschetta

Healthy Tomato Bruschetta
I’m back with another simple recipe. Can I even call them recipes? Maybe they should just be “put two things in a bowl and stir?” Anyhow, this is a nice, refreshing Bruschetta that I use to make when I got way to many tomatoes in my CSA vegetable box.

Take about ten small tomatoes, you can use any variety you would like. I have used a few pints of cherry and grape tomatoes in the past. When using one on the larger side just be sure to remove the seeds and squeeze out some of the water. If not they will make the mixture watery.

Place tomatoes in the food processor, add in two cloves of smashed garlic (paper removed). You can even add a few tbsps of chopped onion if you have that around. wpid-20150711_114133.jpg

Then add a large handful of basil leaves, if your not to in love with basil I’d normally say add less but it’s not really Bruschetta without it so go big or go home. Season with salt and pepper. Salt is really needed to bring out the flavor of the tomatoes so don’t skimp.I also at about a 1 1/2 tsp of Italian seasoning. Pulse a few times in the food processor until it is a consistency is somewhere between chunky and soupy. (Small chunks.) If your tomatoes¬†were extra juicy, just pour off some of the extra water to dry it out.

I like to eat this with those little toast rounds, but they taste great with pita chips or just regular crackers. It is also really good roasted on chicken. Enjoy

Your thoughts???