Halloween Candy in Moderation

Halloween Candy in Moderation.

Too Much of a good thing

With Halloween on the horizon and the willpower to resist set for impending doom, I had to do a post about limiting the Halloween candy. It is not just a problem for the kiddies. The sugar high hits adults pretty hard. I know by the end of the night I have dripped into my kids treat bag one to many times. For me even if I hide the candy away it calls to me… whispers in that seductive mini-chocolate bar voice. “I’m right here..in the cabinet. The kids are asleep… they will never know.”

The Pull of The Snack Size

It is my own version of a Telltale Heart in candy. The voice gets louder and louder till unknowingly my hands are drawn to the candy bag before I can stop them. When I come to and realize what I have done. I stand amongst a counter of candy wrapper shrapnel. The sad remains of the sugar and excess calories I have consumed. Don’t be like me! Stop the evil candy demon from possessing your mind. Here are some strategies I plan on trying in the hopes of keeping the siren song of the Baby Ruth, Tootsie Roll, and Milky Way, at bay.colorful-candies-1505050

Don’t open the bag!

As I have said before, I am an “all or nothing” type of person. Once I start on the slippery road of sugar, it is usually a quick down hill slide that continues till I hit rock bottom…or the bottom of the treat bag.

Drink water

Ok, I know it is not a replacement for chocolate but, if you can drink enough water, the feeling of fullness might make it to uncomfortable to eat candy.

Wear tight clothes

Again the discomfort of tight clothing might trick you into mentally into not wanting to eat any candy.

Set up a non-food reward

If you can go the night without eating candy, you can will by yourself a new pair of shoes!!! ( Hey, this one might actually work!)

Distraction, out of sight out of mind

Also, you can tell your family not to let you eat the candy, have them hide it when you come home. (Ok, I know this one is a long shot.)

I would love to say that I am the type of person who can stand firm and say I will not eat candy on Halloween, but it’s Halloween. If you have any suggestions please help! I would desperately love to hear them! Please help me prevent the candy driven shame I will feel the day after Halloween. For those of you that can have “just a piece,” Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Candy in Moderation

  1. I hear you Melissa. I am so glad that I don’t have little ones around any more. I even buy candy that I don’t like (which is hard since I like all of it). It does call me however. I don’t have any suggestions. I need some for myself.

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