Guest Post:Is it Friday Yet?


This is a guest post from my friend Nicole. A person who lives the most balanced life I know of. She is an independent consultant of Arbonne natural vegan products and can be reached at if you would like to find out more. She has gifted me with her wisdom time and again and I’m happy to share it with you.

“Is it Friday yet?”

“I can’t wait until my vacation.”

“372 days until I retire.”

“7 more years “

“If only my kids could drive”

“3 more hours and I can get out of here”

“Is it lunchtime yet”

Can you relate to any of these?  Consider that most of our life, we are walking around wishing for something else; waiting for another moment to happen.    Think about how you feel around 5pm on Sunday night.   All of a sudden we start to feel this heaviness coming over us, just simply at the thought of having to go to work on Monday; we get stressed and worried while we are still at home not at work.   And on Friday, we wake up thinking “yes, it’s Friday!!!”   We are super excited while we are at work because it is almost the weekend.     Or better yet, it is Friday morning, at work and you are so excited because you are leaving on a 2 week vacation tomorrow.    So while you are at work you have a skip in your step; vacation is coming.    And now picture the last day of the vacation, when you are still on your trip, you start to get sad, because you have to go back to work on Monday.    So the last day of your vacation is consumed with worry; you are not enjoying being on vacation in that moment, you are too busy worrying about Monday at work.

Now this might not be exactly how it goes for you, but I am sure you can relate.       This is what human beings do.   We are constantly thinking of the next moment and forgetting to be present in this moment.    And to make matters even more dyer we now can add what will be shared on social media, and trying to grab the perfect picture to show what a great time you are having.  So much so that you get the photo but really missed the moment.

Consider the truth is that we are almost never present;  we are either living from the past as it dictates our future, or thinking so much about our future that we miss the present.   In both scenarios we miss the present moment where living actually happens.

Being in the moment, seeing what is happening, communicating with the people around you, and bringing your energy and unique contribution to the present moment is the opportunity.   If that opportunity is missed, you cannot get it back.

Be with the people around you in each moment, and when you are in the next moment be there, and the next one and the next.

The past is the past, the future is not yet seen, but the present is the gift, and that’s where life happens.



Your thoughts???