Graduation in the School of Life


Many people believed that spring is a time of growth and change. I see summer as that time. Both my children have birthdays in summer. During summer they have the unscheduled freedom of independent learning and play. This is when I notice the most growth in them, physically and emotionally.

This is also the time that one school year ends (May/June) and another begins (August down here, which is technically still summer.) The transition from grade to grade begins and ends with it’s own set of changes. This year in particular we have a lot of graduations to participate in, pre-school, middle school high school, college.

This got me thinking the idea of graduating doesn’t have to be a formal event. Each person has phases of learning in life from which the graduate. We learn, grow and then graduate to the next level of learning and growth.

To graduate literally means to move up, move on, to leave where you were, be it schooling, a job, or location, and move to the next level. I think the same can be said for a graduation of emotions. Sometimes you have been on a path (or in a rut) for so long you don’t recognize that it’s time to move up, to challenge yourself.

pathThen one day that path ends. That journey is complete. You learned your needed lessons for that experience and it’s time to move on, to move up, to graduate. This time of year with all the thought of school graduation, it is also a time to reflect on your own life and ask yourself, “What areas of my life do I feel I’m ready to graduate from?”

2 thoughts on “Graduation in the School of Life

  1. So true! Even though many times graduations from a school are looked at as a high priority, we forget about those every day graduations that we need to be successful in life. As a former teacher, I know that the majority of growth for students does not happen in the classroom, but rather in the experiences we have outside of school. Great post!

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