photo by Sander van der Veen
photo by Sander van der Veen

I signed up for the Daily Posts Blogging 201 and the first assignment was to examine the goals we have for our blog. After getting a few months of blogging under my belt, I think this is a good time to examine what my intent is with this blog. When I first started a few months ago, it was basically to get my feelings out. My life, at that point, felt very out of balance. As a mom I felt I had lost a piece of what made me, well, me.

So I wanted to start writing again. I wanted to put my feelings down somewhere even if no one read them. My hope was that someone would find my search for moderation and balance useful. For me it has really been a great way to reflect on past practices.

One of my goals was to write and reflect on what has worked and not worked in my search for balance. I’m hoping that my reflections have given value to others. I know it has helped to me examine my feelings and stop to consider better ways of doing things. The search for a usable on-line budget and outsourcing household chores, were a few of the posts that have helped me do this. Also, I have realize I really love photo interpretations. It was a different view of things I never expected to enjoy so much. I plan to learn more about this aspect of blogging and see where that leads.

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Another goal for this blog, like I have said before, was just to get my feeling out. Sometimes being a mom can feel a bit isolating. You lack the time or the energy to connect with people the way you use to before kids. What I found in blogging was a great community of people with different perspectives and ideas of their own. I have found that making these connections with people all over the globe has been very fulfilling to me. I hope to continue to foster these connections and grown my readership.

A third goal of this blog is to give back. I hope that right now I am giving in the form of ideas and encouragement to other mothers, families and bloggers. I hope that others can benefit from my self examination. My ultimate goal is to write an e-book or create an online course of best practices in the search for balance. But this is such a long way off and I still have so much to learn and test out through this blog. What I do know it is I have gained so much by becoming a part of this blogging communities.

My overriding goal is to contribute to the discussion and continue to learn and expand my world. This has been something that was missing for me like a whole in my chest. To be part of something, bigger, greater then just me. I hope I can give back as much as I have gained from this experience.

Your thoughts???