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hair-brush-1-1425912Hair loss is not just for the boys. Listen up ladies thinning hair is an issue for both genders. I know, it sucks all around. For men it is mostly genetics and really you guys have it rough. You can’t really change the fact that losing your hair might be in your future becasue of your history. Options? You can get a hair piece or maybe invest in hair plugs (some look very natual). You can also do the Donald Trump style comb over, but really nobody recommends that unless you have the money of Donald Trump. (If you did why would you choose a comb over any way.) But for the most part society as a whole has come to accept hair loss in men.

However for women the cause nor the solution is as easy. For most woman heredity can be one cause but stress, poor nutrition, medical conditions like thyroid problems and hormonal changes can all effect a woman and her hair. If your mother does not have a history of thinning hair then it is important to look towards another source for extra hair loss.

According to an article in WebMD stress will cause the body to change shedding extra hairs for several months until your body adjusts or the stressor is removed. Luckily, this type of hair loss may only be temporary.

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Hormonal changes are another factor that effects thinning hair. This is what I and many other woman experianced after having children. The dramatic change in hormone levels from childbirth, or menopouse can result in a thinning crown of hair. For me, my hair was never really thick to start but I noticed a definite change in the amount and length my hair would grow to. I could just never grow my hair back the way it was before I had kids. I found that low thyroid function was to blame, but even with medicine my hair never grew the way it once did.

So if you find that you are losing more hair then normal, or it is not growing back as quickly as it once did, this might be an indication of another problem. Be sure to consult a doctor and see if your lovely locks are trying to tell you something more than wash, blow-dry, style.

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  1. My hair has always fallen out in ridiculous chunks, but I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with my mother’s genes where it will constantly fall out, but there will be tons more hair to replace what I have lost.

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