Getting Crafty for the Fourth of July

The Fourth
Craft me and my kid made last Independence day

This weekend is the Fourth of July. A day where we celebrate the independence of America. This makes me think back to last year. I had terrible experience trying to leave a park after an overcrowded municipal fireworks display.  We had to wait two hours just to get on a bus to get to our car. I had four fold-up chairs strapped to my back, two kids and my mom (with her own back issues) in tow. Then it was so late the parking lot lights shut off and I couldn’t find our car. Luckily, some super nice people saved the day and drove me around to find my vehicle. (I still thank god for them.) Needless to say it was not a great experience.

This year I’m not going to sit in the heat of an overcrowded park, then shuffle through the throngs of traffic to spend more time trying to get out of the parking lot just to see fireworks. No way! I’m staying home. I will respect the freedom of choice I have been given and spend a wonderful evening full of crafts, party food and great neighbors. And be grateful for all the blessing I have been given.

Here is my 4th of July Pinterest board full of crafts and recipes I have been collecting for this occasion. Maybe you will find you inspiration to forgo the crowds and fireworks and enjoy your celebration of our freedom from the comfort of your home. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Your thoughts???