Finding Ways to Save: Food Part 2

saving on food

For many families the largest expense, next to housing costs, is the grocery bill. This is also the area where you can save the most money if you are careful. Last week I gave you 5 suggestions on ways to save on your food budget. This week here are five more ways to save when in comes groceries.

  1. Use the last bits of the package – I have heard this before but only started to do it in the past year. Now instead of throwing out the semi-stale bread ends, I use them to make homemade breadcrumbs. I also dig out the last bits of peanut butter with a spoon instead of throwing it away. You would be surprised how many more PB & J sandwiches you can get out of these last bits. I realize now not only was I being wasteful in throwing out the ends of container, I was just being lazy.
  2. Take lunch to work – I have been using my trusty cooler bag to pack all my lunches and snacks for the day. This way I have excuse to hit the vending machine or spend money to eat lunch out. This also gives me back very needed time during my lunch break to go for a walk, do some reading, and actually have the time to enjoy my lunch break.
  3. Drink water – Ok, I know what you are saying… water really? Well, it’s free. When you add up how much is spent on expensive coffees, soda and high priced energy drinks you could save a bundle. If you really need the caffine brew it at home and take it with you. But for all other beverages drink water. It’s cheap and healthy.
  4. Use a grocery App -There are a ton of grocery and shopping apps that are easy to use and can save you money.  If you do a lot of shopping at Target like I do. Be sure to take advantage of Targets Cartwheel app. They offer discounts on groceries, clothing and even toys and household goods. Ebates is another shopping app that can earn you discounts and even cashback just for shopping. Ibotta also earns you cashback on groceries. Just upload your store receipt and earn cashback into your PayPal account.
  5. Clean out the pantry  – Is your pantry overstuffed with things you bought on sale but never used. Take on a pantry clean out challenge. Use only what you have already purchased in your fridge and pantry. I did this about a year ago and discovered some great recipes and way to use of left overs. It is not only fun and creative but cost effective and less wasteful.

7 thoughts on “Finding Ways to Save: Food Part 2

    1. Thanks. You are so right we waste a ton of food. Growing up my father was very thrifty when it came to food. He grew a huge garden and packed away veggies for winter. Then he would reinvent dishes to use up these veggies. I hate to waste food. It like seeing money go right into the garbage.

  1. I plan a pantry and freezer clean out twice a year. Usually January (after those Christmas bills) and June (just before stocking up on great summer fruits and veggies). This way it is always in my head that those two months I will only shop for perishables.

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